Oh My Dear Writing…

AWC had a fun little writing competition for Valentines day (I know... that was over 2 months ago...but I forgot to post this earlier). We had 100 words to describe how we met and fell in love... with writing. This was my entry. I enjoyed thinking about how i started writing and how it became [...]


Character Sheet: Lucien

Full name: Lucien Scarlet Name meaning: Bright, Light. Race: Alalithian, (human) Gender: Male DOB/Age: 23rd May 1442, 17 years old Occupation/class: Royalty Position in Society: The second born prince or the spare prince. Eye colour: Stormy dark blue. Eye shape: Deep set round eyes Hair colour: Raven (black) Hair style: Curly, medium to short length. usually tousled and somewhat unkempt, as unkempt as [...]


A terrible screech rang through the night air by the village of Daseia. Fathers pulled the shutters closed as mothers held their children close. Another screech followed the first. A young man ran through the trees surrounding Daseia desperately trying to get back to the village. A razor sharp bronze feather sliced his cheek as [...]