A Little Update

WARNING: THIS ISN'T A SHORT STORY OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT.  So, I haven't posted anything for ages.... in fact it's been nearly a year. And then it was about a year earlier before And in those 2 years a lot has happened in my life. That's why I haven't been posting... or writing really.  At the [...]


A writing task from tumblr…

A post on tumblr made me want to describe a colour through a story without saying the colour itself. On tumblr it was the colour red. Guess what colour I chose? It’s the colour of spring. The colour of nature and peace. The trees. The leaves. The grass. Everything around us as we walk through [...]

The Story of Jakan (Workshopped)

Jakan straightened his back and looked at his work. The roots of the forest trees were visible now. They intertwined with each other almost as if they were dancing, digging in and out of the soil. Those humans with their clumsy feet and ignorant movements, they were bound to get caught in the maze. As Jakan [...]