Introduction… Foreword… and other writing terms

My dream is to one day be an author. I think I have had this dream since I was in primary school. I mean, I have always loved making up stories and writing them down. I’ve always loved reading and fantasy novels fascinate me. The different worlds, creatures, cultures, and the history some of these fantasy worlds (like Tolkien for example or Robin Hobb). It’s all very inspiring and amazing. I guess by those rights I should love sci-fi novels as well, but… It’s not that I don’t love them it’s just that I haven’t read them much. I haven’t been exposed to them through my life as I have with the fantasy genre. I own more fantasy books but I own more sci-fi movies and shows. I do love both.

So, as I said, wanting to be an author has been quite a big goal of mine for over half my life. I want to create my own worlds and their histories, my own characters and their stories. I want get my creations out there and published to inspire others… or at least entertain.

This blog, well it is one of the steps I am taking to achieve that dream, that goal. One of the steps to getting my stories out there to everyone, to people like you. Thanks by the way for stopping by and taking the time to check it out. (please forgive my old writing… I have improved with more practice).


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