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The Perfect Fairytale

This short story was for the final assessment. we had 1500 words to use to write as many or as few short stories as we wanted. I had the idea for this story a while ago and didn’t want to limit it to the 400 words we got in the writing tasks. So,  I decided to use the idea for this part of the assessment. I am very happy with how it turned out.

With this story I am actually going a bit deeper than normal as well. This is a story idea that is close to my heart. It was one thing to write it for an assignment but it is another to publish it. To put it out there for everyone else. Every piece of my writing is a part of me but I feel this one is even more so. I hope you enjoy it. Even if you don’t I like it and at this point, my writing is for me.   


The ballroom doors swung open and Keera ran out with tears in her stormy blue eyes. She paused when she saw Heath standing there in his new suit. Despite the tears, she looked beautiful in her wedding dress. But before Heath could say anything, she was running again.

“I’m sorry,” came her muffled voice as she ran by. Heath reached out for her but he moved too slowly. She was already out of his reach and running up the stairs.

“Keera,” Heath’s soft voice got lost in the harshness of the shout behind him. The shout made Keera run faster. He turned around and saw King Jacob pushing through the ballroom doors. The king stopped short when he saw the young prince. Behind him was another man. He stayed in the ballroom though and Heath only caught a glimpse before the doors swung shut but he recognised him. Heath’s glare focused on the king when that other thing was out of his sight.

“Well, she’s causing more of a fuss than she needs to,” Jacob explained as he straightened his suit. Heath bit his tongue and tried to remain calm.

“Is that Lord Tobias?” He said through gritted teeth. He didn’t wait for the reply. It was already in the king’s eyes. “Why is he here? We agreed he wouldn’t be here,” his voice rose with each word. He knew he should be more composed. More regal. But that man had no right to be at his and Keera’s wedding.

“He’s a noble. I have a responsibility to invite him to my niece’s wedding. I’m not having her false allegations-”

“False allegations?” Heath cut in. “If you didn’t believe her why did you take her out of his care? Oh that’s right, you were just trying to please your queen because your queen believed her,”

“I will not have her ruin our treaty or destroy Alalithia!” the king spat.

“Oh Jacob,” Heath said in a lowered voice. “She could never do that. You on the other hand, you are very close to making Jardith an enemy instead of an ally.” Heath had the satisfaction of seeing the king flinch before turning around and following his bride-to-be.

“You haven’t married her yet!” Jacob yelled after the prince. “Keera still belongs to me. If you wish to marry her, you will respect me. If not, well there are plenty of Lords who would like a closer connection to the throne. Lord Tobias for example,”

“You do that and you risk war. I will not leave her here with you or that pathetic excuse of a man! Now, if you’ll excuse me, your majesty, my princess needs me.”


Heath found Keera sitting in one of the battlements on the west wing tower. Most of her raven black curls had fallen out of that fancy hairstyle. They were falling forwards towards her face and down her back. Their tips bobbing around her tiny corseted waist. Heath could hear her sobs even if he couldn’t see her tears. His arms itched to reach out and pull her close to him. To push her hair out of her face and comfort her. But he held back waiting for her to reach out for him.

“Keera,” he said softly. Her back stiffened and the sobs stopped. “Keera, I won’t let him touch you.” Heath took a step towards her. Her shoulders dropped and she turned towards him.

“Why me Heath? Why did you pick me? I’m used. I’m broken. I’m hardly fit to be a queen let alone a princess. You could have had any of my cousins. They still have their virtue. It’s not like my uncle was begging you to marry me. Why didn’t you choose Cassidy like he wanted? She wouldn’t have caused problems and ruined everything,” Keera sighed and turned away as fresh tears blurred her eyes. Heath leaned against the stone wall closest to her and breathed in.

“Keera, you haven’t caused any problems. Tobias did. You did nothing wrong. And as for Cassidy, well, she never made smile like you do. A spoilt uptight princess doesn’t make a worthy queen. I need you.” He reached out a hand and softly touched her shoulder. He expected her to flinch. Instead she reached up and held his hand. She turned and faced him. She smiled weakly as a tear slipped down her cheek.

“You deserve someone better than me. You deserve a real princess. Like the fairy tale ones. A beautiful, delicate, pure princess,”

“The princess of my dreams?” Heath asked as he wiped more escaping tears from her face. Her beautiful face with big blue eyes surrounded by thick dark curls. Freckles dotted her tiny nose and the top of her cheeks. She was the princess of his dreams, she just didn’t see it. Keera nodded and Heath pulled her in close and tight. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed the crown of her head.

“Let me tell you one my favourite fairy tales. There was a kingdom with four beautiful princesses. One was kept prisoner in a tower guarded by a dragon. Another had been cursed to sleep until awakened by a prince’s kiss. The third princess was kidnapped by a witch and transformed into a cat to be the hag’s familiar. The last princess had a different challenge to overcome. She had been hurt and the scars reached to her heart and soul as well.

“A young prince in a neighbouring kingdom visited in hope to find a wife. The king told him he could marry any one of his daughters if the prince rescued her. This young prince, he wanted the best for his kingdom and his life. He wanted a marriage like his parents, one filled with love. So the prince set out to rescue every princess. He fought and killed the dragon. He kissed and awoke the second princess. He defeated the witch and the cat turned back into a beautiful woman. But the last princess was not so easily rescued.

“The prince talked with her. They became friends. He made her smile and she made him smile. He saw a light in her she didn’t see herself. He didn’t erase the scars on her heart. He couldn’t. But the scars hurt her less and she fell in love with him. She opened her broken heart to him. That’s how he rescued her.

“When the king asked the prince which of his four daughters he wished to marry the prince confused the king. The prince didn’t choose the beautiful princess he risked his life for by fighting a dragon. Nor the gorgeous sleeping princess. He didn’t ask for the hand of the stunning princess kidnapped by the witch. The young prince chose the last princess. The broken and hurt one. The one he fell in love with. The one that made him smile. He chose to marry his perfect princess.

“Keera, you’re my perfect fairy tale princess. I chose you, not your cousins. I fell in love with you, not your cousins.” Heath tightened his grip on Keera. And kissed her hair again. She tilted her head up towards him. The tears had dried up. He looked down into those stormy blue eyes in her perfect little face. He smiled at her. And she smiled back. A genuine smile.

Heath lowered his head and leaned in for a kiss. Keera’s lips met his and they kissed.

“See, we’re a fairy tale too,” Heath whispered to her as she rested her head on his shoulder. There was nothing King Jacob or Lord Tobias could do to change that. Heath would rescue her from them too.


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