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The Story of Jakan (Workshopped)

Jakan straightened his back and looked at his work. The roots of the forest trees were visible now. They intertwined with each other almost as if they were dancing, digging in and out of the soil. Those humans with their clumsy feet and ignorant movements, they were bound to get caught in the maze.

As Jakan stretched his neck he noticed Gwener’s legs dangling from a nearby tree. She was watching him. Again. The corner of his mouth twisted up as he turned towards her and bowed.

“Ah, if it isn’t a goddess after my own heart,”

“I am not like you, Jakan. I spread love. You cause heartbreak with your mischief,”

“Ah, but what is the point of love if not to break hearts?” Jakan jumped and in a second he was standing next to her on branch. In one smooth motion he dropped and hung from the branch by his legs. Gwener looked funny upside down. She was rolling her eyes at him. It was meant to be condescending but it just made Jakan smile even more. That made her sigh.


As Jakan hung from the branch he weaved vines and branches together, making the maze harder. Gwener still sat there but she said nothing. A smile crept over her lips as she heard the soft humming of a woman. The woman was a walking towards them. Gwener looked down at Jakan. He hadn’t noticed. He was too busy twisting the trees into a maze. Gwener blew a kiss towards him. It hit his check and he flinched but didn’t stop his work. Gwener smiled as she saw the kiss sink in.

The humming got louder and the woman’s dainty feet stepped around one of the giant forest trees. As she stepped flowers bloomed on the ground. The smile faded from Gwener’s lips and she instantly wished to take the kiss back. But it was too late. Jakan had already dropped his work. He was staring at the beautiful dark haired woman and Gwener’s niece was staring back at the God of Mischief. Smiles spread over their faces.

Gwener saw a glint of mischief in her niece’s eyes. A glint that matched Jakan’s. Her niece flicked her dark hair off her shoulder and continued walking. As she passed Jakan, she caressed his face and walked on. Leaving flowers blooming in her wake. Jakan hung there and watched her leave.

“Jakan, don’t!” Gwener warned. His face snapped up towards her and he smiled that cheeky smile.

“Ah, so that is the precious Fayette,” he laughed.


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