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Eyes of Gold

For the first assignment of the winter term we had to write a 500 word story. There was no theme. It was all your choice. Which made it really hard to finally pick something. I had so much choice. I ended up going with a story set in my novel’s world. It’s helping me give the world more shape.
For part of the final assessment we had to resubmit that story but we had to have edited and changed it with the advice from the last submission. So this is the final piece I crafted with advice form the teacher. I really like it.

DarcieA cold wind blew through the cave, over Darcie’s scales and bare skin. Her amber hair was blown around her face as she shivered. She felt Nye-Kaiden’s claw pull her closer to his warm scaly body. She nuzzled into the dragon’s belly. His golden wings were like blankets shielding her form the cold night.

Her stomach tightened as a stabbing sensation stole her breath. Her golden eyes flicked open and she screamed. Her hands flew towards her lower abdomen, clutching at it as if that would make the pain go away. It didn’t. Darcie felt Nye-Kaiden’s mind questing towards her but she couldn’t concentrate on it. Not with that intense pain.

Your pain?

Ryeanna’s, Darcie replied when it subsided. She managed to breathe properly again but she knew her twin sister was in agony.

Her little one?

Darcie let out another scream of anguish. She clutched her belly again and shut her eyes. As she did, she saw the inside of a cabin. She felt drenched in sweat. There was a woman at the end of her bed holding a youngling. She was human. It wasn’t. It had scales as well as skin. Talons for nails and beautiful golden eyes. They were glowing like the candles on the bedside. Darcie reached out for the youngling but the woman refused her. The woman just stared at the dragon-child in horror.

When Darcie open her eyes again she was back in the cave with Nye-Kaiden, no longer looking through her sister’s eyes.

We must go to her.

The humans. They’ll kill you.

He’s like me. They’ll kill him too. Nye-Kaiden lowered his neck and allowed Darcie to climb on his back. He took off and flew towards that horrible human town.


There was a pillar of smoke at the centre of the town and a crowd of humans gathered around a man holding the youngling. He was shouting about the dragon’s curse. Ryeanna was tied to the burning pile of wood. She screamed as the man moved his knife towards the infant.

Nye-Kaiden landed on a nearby building and roared. The humans froze and looked towards them. From his back, Darcie’s eyes blazed up as she flicked fire from her fingertips towards the man. The fire engulfed him, burning the man and protecting her nephew. Darcie slid down the building and ran to him.  She grabbed the youngling from the protective flames as he sister’s screams died.

Darcie turned around and saw the spear in her sister’s heart. Everything seemed to move slowly as she stared at her sister. From the corner of her eyes she could see more townspeople grabbing weapons. She saw fire erupt from Nye-Kaiden’s mouth. And then she felt the soft nudging of another’s mind on hers. She looked down at the youngling and saw the terror in his eyes.

The action sped up and Darcie knew they had to leave. She added her fire to Nye-Kaiden’s and ran to him. She swiftly jumped on his back and Nye- Kaiden took off. Darcie held her golden eyed nephew close as Nye-Kaiden flew towards the mountains, leaving the human town burning in their wake.

You’re safe now. She told the youngling as they flew.


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