A Bunch of Words · Assignments

The Cookie Cave

For my final assignment in the winter term we had to write 1500 words worth of short stories. As many as we wanted or could etc. I wrote one on the longer end of a short story but I still had more words to use. so I came up with this little fun story called the Cookie Cave.

I take a deep breath as I look down the spiral stairs. I can’t see tunnel they lead to but I can smell the freshly baked cookies.

I sniff the air.

Chocolate chip cookies.

They would be warm and gooey in the middle.


But it wouldn’t be easy to get them.

The stairs are broken but they’re the only way down to that tunnel and the cave beyond. I had asked the people in the little town of Living Room. They said it would be dangerous. There was a giant monster with long blonde hair that would be guarding the cookies.

But the cookies are the finest in the land. I have to taste them.

I jump on the rail and slide down. I spin in circles once, twice, three times until I reach the bottom. The tunnel is really dark. There is a light at the end.

I sniff the air again. The cookies are in that light.

I silently creep towards the cave.

My mouth starts watering.

But I see its shadow.

The monster’s shadow.

It’s huge.

It turns towards the tunnel. I don’t have time to hide. It sees me. I turn and run back through the tunnel. Back up the broken stairs. Through the town of Living Room and to my safe hut. To my safe bed.

I can’t hear the monster coming but I’m too scared to go back out. I guess I’ll have to wait till to morning to try mum’s cookies.


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