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The Story of Jakan

So the writing task for the other week was to turn a closed short story you had writing into an open story (or visa versa) and I chose to change this one, Of the Fae

Jakan straightened his back and looked at his work. The roots of the forest trees were visible now. They intertwined with each other almost as if they were dancing. They dug in and out of the soil, creating a maze for the humans pass through.  Those humans with their clumsy feet and ignorant movements, they were bound to get caught.

The corner of Jakan’s mouth twisted up in a mischievous smile. He glanced up at the branches above the roots and the smile grew. He jumped up to the lowest branch. As he pulled himself up he heard a different noise amongst the forest chatter. It wasn’t the chirping of the birds and insects or the crunching of the fallen leaves. It was a soft sound. Like a woman absently singing. She sounded far enough away though that Jakan didn’t drop to the ground and run. He simply swung backwards and hung by his knees.


He was weaving the vines together making a barrier when a bud started blooming right in front of his face. He dropped the green leafy wall and watched it turn rainbow. Flowers of all types, colours and sizes were blooming right there. Why? why were they growing? How were they growing?

A soft giggle made Jakan look past the rainbow wall and saw a young woman frowning at him. Her leaf green eyes were bright and had a glint in them. Jakan tilted his head and frowned back at her. Only then did he see it wasn’t a frown but a smile. Those red lips, like the petals of the red roses, were smiling at him. His lips slowly turned around and smiled.


The woman looked up at his legs hanging off the branch. They started tingling. When he looked up he could see vines covered with flowers growing over his legs. He let go of the branch and fell to the ground. The woman laughed again and flicked her thick dark curls over her bare shoulder. She winked at him with a cheeky smile just like his and more flowers grew over him. He jumped up and flicked them off. He went to play a trick on her but she was already gone. Skipping over the roots he had risen to trip people. She danced over them as if they weren’t there.

Who was that? She wasn’t one of the Gods like him. Jakan knew all the Gods. But she wasn’t human either. Who was she?


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