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Open Ended Writing Task

In my tutorial a few weeks ago we had to write an open ended story about the election.

                “So, what party you rooting for?”

“Rooting? Really Matt? Rooting… It’s not like this is footy or anything,” Karli sighed as she looked over at her lanky brother. His seat was back further than hers even though he was driving. That’s what it’s like to have legs that go on for miles, Karli guessed.

“Yeah nah, it kinda is,” He shrugged as they turned the corner. “All fighting for the top place on the leader board,” Karli sighed and shook her head. Who was she going to vote for? How about the liberals? No medicare totally sounds like a good idea. So does seeing the country use all its money and not fix anything. Just more jobs yet less financial security. Maybe, maybe she wanted to see the Greens burn the capital like it did to Tassie. Oh, lets tax the church because it makes total sense to tax donated money. Wouldn’t Australia be a laugh if the Sex Party won though… Australia…. The big Frat house of a country! Not that they could… well, probably before the Greens did. But let’s be honest… it’s Liberal or Labour.

Matt pulled into the public high school’s parking lot and tried to find a park. Karli could smell the sausages and smiled. Yeah, a footy match… Good old Aussie hot food at them too. Guess it could be like footy.

“So, Karli, who you voting for?” Matt asked again as he switched the ignition off.


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