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Adrika the FaunSo, my sister just finished her final assessment for the make-up course. They were given fake noses and had to create a character to go along with it. I ended up being the model for this assignment and this is what she created. The following story is my story about the faun I got turned into.

Adrika smoothed out her vintage skirt as she leaned against the hallway wall. Class had just been let out for lunch. The hallway was filled with students. She saw Tarn and the other fauns on the basketball team walking towards her. Well, to the door she was standing near. Tarn pulled a face at her and the tall faun behind him eyed her off. A crooked smile spread over his face. He was new. He had nice strong horns. Stronger than Tarn’s.

                “Mariska’s on her way. She got help up in class. History is not her strong point,” Tarn said as they walked by.

                “Learning is not her strong point,” Adrika said. Tarn smiled and nodded.

                “Coming to the game Friday night? It’s Montez’ first game,” Tarn said as he pointed at the tall faun. Montez smiled awkwardly with the new attention.

                “Yeah, Mariska and I will be there,”

                “Oh, my little cheerleaders,” Tarn winked.

“You wish,” Tarn laughed at Adrika’s response. He play-punched her shoulder before turning to leave with the others. The tall faun looked back over his shoulder at her with a crooked smile back on his face. Adrika glanced away and smiled herself. Tarn’s new teammate was cute.

Adrika smiled and waved as people passed by. One of the young centaurs came around the corner. She wasn’t making eye contact with anyone, as usual. Her long brown hair hung over her face and she walked slowly.  Adrika sighed. Who picked on her today?

                “Filippa,” she called out. Filippa raised her head. As she did so, some of her hair moved to reveal her face. She smiled softly when she saw Adrika waving at her. “Hey gorgeous! Can’t wait to see you in chemistry this afternoon,” The smile on her face grew and reached her eyes.

                “Hi Adrika. I love your jacket,” she said as she reached her.

                “Thanks. Maybe you can borrow it one time? The pink leather would look wonderful with your silky brown locks. Ah, there’s that beautiful smile I love seeing,”

                “Adrika!” Mariska’s voice echoed through the hall. That dainty Naiad was pushing her way through the crowd to the point that people started moving back to let her through. The smile started to fade from Filippa’s lips. She turned to Adrika and tried to smile again.

                “I’m heading to the library. I’ll see you in chemistry,” and away she trotted. It wasn’t long before Mariska’s pastel blue waves of hair were next to Adrika’s straight purple hair.

                “Oh I just adore your face. The purple wing on your eyes… Perfection! Come on, I need a latte. I’m feeling the Fae Café today. I need a shot of intelligence before maths,” and with that, Mariska wrapped her arm around Adrika’s and started pulling her towards the door. 


They were about to enter the café when the dark dryad Thorne walked out. Adrika met his eyes and Mariska sighed in disgust. Within the next second he had bumped into Adrika, nearly knocking his coffee cup out of his hand. The other hand quickly slipped some paper into her jacket pokect before he stepped back, hands opened wide.

                “Watch it! Not everyone jumps for you two,” he snarled at them.

                “Just get out of here, Thorne. No one likes you,” Mariska sneered.

                “Yet I’m the one who actually has friends,” Thorne spat back as he walked away.

                “I hate that creep. He didn’t spill his coffee on your killer outfit did he?” Adrika shock her head and Mariska was satisfied. She practically skipped into the café and right up to the counter to make her order. The wings of the fairy behind the counter fluttered as she took the order. One latte with a shot of intelligence and one hot chocolate with a shot of agility. Adrika had dance class after lunch and was feeling a bit stiff.

As Mariska ordered Adrika picked a table. She slipped her hand into her pocket and pulled out the paper Thorne had left there. She had been wondering when her next mission would be. She unfolded the paper and saw the target’s name and the date his death was to be. Same day as the basketball game. Tarn would understand if she was late. He was the one that brought her into the guild in the first place.

But Montez had no idea about that. And Adrika really wanted to see him again. She looked down at the name again and thought about it. Surely she could kill the target and get to the game in time, looking drop dead gorgeous as she did so.

“What’s that?” Mariska asked as she placed the hot chocolate in front of Adrika.

“Oh, just something I need to do on Friday before the game,” she said as she tucked the mission back in her pocket. “Have you met Montez? He’s the new member of the team,”

“Is he a faun too?” Mariska gave her a knowing smile and she took a sip of her latte.

“Yeah. He’s got the strongest horns. Let’s see how he plays?”

You should visit my sister’s website and see more of her work: jaclambert.com
And follow her on Facebook. She’s pretty awesome if I may say so myself.


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