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In The Dark Silence

In the tutorial today we were asked to write a piece about something mundane (driving to school, eating breakfast, going to bed, something that happens everyday) with sensory detail creating the world. This was my attempt:

The episode finishes and the room is engulfed in a dark silence. Dark and cold. It’s probably really late. There is no other noise in the house beside the creaking of the lounge as I get up to shut the laptop and the darkness becomes complete.

I walk over to my warm bed. Much warmer than the air prickling my skin right now. They had turned the heater off a while ago. A few episodes ago I think. Another sign it was late. Or early. The thick curtains block out any light form the street so I can’t tell unless I part them. They also block out some of the cold. I’m not going to invite any more in by opening them. The air is nearly icy as it is.

The mattress is hard but the pillows and blanket are clouds cocooning me in their warmth. As I snuggle my head into the pillow, the minty spray from last night tickles my nose. It’s a bit musky but I can’t be bothered to spray it again and make it fresh. It will have to do.

I’ve started adjusting to the dark silence. I can see the outline of the curtains now. And my desk is forming a darker shape on the other wall. I think I can hear the soft hum of the bread maker in the kitchen. I can certainly smell the warm bread as it cooks. I can nearly taste it too.

The warm smell of bread, the warm cocoon of blankets and pillows, the cold dark air pricking my face, the only skin not covered by the cocoon, the hint of my night spray from my pillow… Soon the dark shadows of the furniture in my room all mesh together and it’s darker than when I closed my laptop. Only for a second. Soon I’m in another world.

I wonder where this dream will take me.


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