A Bunch of Words · Writing Tasks


I’ve just started winter term at Uni and the first writing task is to write a 100 word story in first person. Then rewrite it in second person and then again, rRain on the Windowewrite it in third person. Here is mine…

First Person Point of View:
Watching the rain is peaceful. Which is a nice change. We lost electricity years ago. Rain is my entertainment now. One of my favourite TV-shows I guess. Right now, the rain is rushing down the window, chasing this one raindrop, trying to catch it. Eventually that raindrop will reach the bottom, be trapped and get caught by the others. A pathetic way to go.
Something beyond the raindrops catches my attention. I see it stumble and I sigh.
“Dad, another one.” Another raindrop trying to catch us. Another zombie my dad kills.
The next one’s mine. … Zombies, Bloody Zombies!


Second Person Point of View:
You’re staring out the window not really looking at anything.
There isn’t anything out there. Trees. A broken swing set. A broken fence. And lots of rain. But that’s all a blur in the back ground. Your eyes absently follow a raindrop down the window. Others are following trying to catch up. But you know they’ll all end up the same; trapped. Trapped at the bottom of the window.  But you won’t get trapped.Looking out the window
In the blur something moves, stumbling.  You sigh.
“Dad, another one.” Another raindrop that wants to trap you. Another zombie your dad kills. … Bloody Zombies!


Third Person Point of View:
His eyes follow a raindrop as it rushes down the window being chased by the others. They all have the same destination; the window ledge where the first one gets trapped and the others catch it.
Ajax scoffs. He used to watch TV now he watches raindrops trying to make entertainment out of them. And so, the slower raindrops trap the faster one. How poetic. Ajax scoffs again. He won’t be caught like that.
He tightens his grip on his gun and looks pass the raindrops.
“Dad, another one.” Another raindrop trying to trap them. Another zombie. … Bloody Zombies!



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