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Angel Wings Story Outline

Another writing task for University. In this one we had to write a 150 words outline for a new story idea.

Angels are real. Angles have to go to school too. To earn their HALOS they must pass a test. That test sends them to earth.

Seventeen-year-old angels get sorted into groups and sent to earth to see if they can be the angels they are striving to be; Protector Angels, Guardian Angels, Messenger Angels etc. Normally their teachers pretend to be Fallen Angels during the test but when the teachers responsible for Victoria Rothwell’s group turn up dead, the group is cut off from communicating with Heaven and the real Fallen Angels keep coming. Victoria and her group have to band together, despite their differences, to protect the city they’ve been sent to.

But these Fallen Angels seem to have more on their minds that just taking human souls. They want the teenage angels too. Especially the outcast Noah. The Fallen Angels desperately want to help these angels fall too.


What do you think? Does it sound like a good story idea?



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