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Time to Paint The Roses Red

Another writing task for uni. I had to rewrite a piece of my own work without rereading it and change it. A fair amount too. We were to see where it took us. if we learnt more from it. Not to be afraid if we forgot some parts because it gave us an opportunity to explore the idea more. It was even suggested we could change the actual format, a poem into a story etc. I chose to rewrite the  play I wrote for drama in year 12; Alice’s Tragedy In Wonderland.


Twisted AliceHer hands and knees fell on the cold hard ground of the dungeon. Her blonde hair fell forward around her face; the black ribbon had fallen out when those nonsense walking cards threw her in here.

Alice didn’t bother to hold back her tears. She was too afraid of what would happen to her now. Of what the Queen had in store for her.

As she had been dragged back through the queen’s maze by those cards she had seen the Mad Hatter’s hat. It had something red splash on it. So did the White Rabbit’s pocket watch.

Another gap in the maze had revealed more of the cards painting more white roses red. It was a different shade of red from the last time Alice had seen them painting. A deeper red. The same shade of red that was on the hat and the pocket watch.

Alice’s hand moved up to her neck as she realised what that paint was. 

                “No, no, no. I, I don’t want to paint, to paint the roses red. I, I need that red paint. It’s mine. No, no, no. The Mad Hatter…. The White Rabbit…. The March Hare. They’re all gone. They’ve all painted the roses red and now that Queen thinks it’s my turn. But I don’t want to. I don’t want to paint I want to wake up!” Alice said through her tears. She shook her head and pinched herself, trying to wake herself up.

She had seen herself sleeping as she had looked through that talking door knob just before the Queen’s army had captured her. Before she was dragged back and thrown into this hard cold stone dungeon. But no matter how hard Alice tried she could not wake up.


The silly songs she had heard from the creatures she had met kept running through her head. She started to sing them aloud as well.

                “I’m late. I’m late for a very important date. Important date? What important date?” Alice paused as she thought about what date she was late for. A crooked smiled started to spread across her face starting in the corner of her mouth and spreading to her eyes. She started laughing. Not her normal little girl’s laugh. It had an insane tone to it. Somewhere deep inside her mind she heard it. She realised it wasn’t her laugh but she didn’t stop laughing.

                “Late for my Unbirthday. No, not my Unbirthday. My Death-day. My Unlife-day,” She laughed again. She jumped up and started spinning around and singing at the top of her lungs.

“A very merry Unlife-day to me
To me!
A very merry Unlife-day to me
Now paint the roses red my dear and let this day come true
A very merry Unlife-day tooooo me!”


Alice heard the walking cards come back and she laughed again. They started to open the door to where she was. She stood in the middle of the dungeon with that giant smile on her face, her hands clasped behind her back as she swung her hip back and forth.

                “It’s time to paint the roses red,” she said as the cards took her by her arms and led her to the chopping block. The Queen of Hearts was standing in front of her with a sour look on her face. Alice started to sing her Unlife-day song again as she was pushed to her knees, her head placed on the block and her hair moved from her neck.

                “A very merry Unlife-day to me!” she sung.

                “Off with her head!” the Queen screamed.

                “Let’s paint the roses red,” Alice whispered quickly before the axe fell.


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