Salt Sisters · Short Salt Stories

Of The Fae

Fayette grew more and more beautiful as the years went by. Fayette, the daughter of the Woodland and Beauty. Aleena and Cully were very proud of her. She was a curious girl. She loved exploring the woods. And that was where Jakan first saw her.

Jakan was enchanted by her beauty. She had grown by then, into a beautiful woman. Jakan was busy pulling roots partly out of the ground and coaxing the leaves and vines and branches out to make it impossible to run through the forest. While he was doing that Fayette was walking through her father’s beautiful forests, touching the trees as she went. Leaving flowers blooming in her wake. She was heading to the edge of the forest. To see the Humans.

Fayette saw Jakan before he saw her. Hanging upside down tangling some vines. It was when Fayette stopped walking, stopped creating flowers, that Jakan noticed her. Only when she was staring at him hanging upside down in the tree. He looked at her a smiled his mischievous smile.

Some say that that meeting was the moment the world was changed forever. The moment Jakan first laid eyes on Fayette. The moment he first smiled at her. The moment Gwener’s breath fell upon them. The moment they fell in love. Fayette changed. Jakan did too. They fell in love and had quite an impression in each other. Fayette took joy in mischief as Jakan took joy in the beauty of the forests, unlike he had ever done before. The forests always seemed more beautiful to him when she was around. The mischief was always more fun for her when done with him. For they had fallen in love.

So much so that they created another race together. Not like the Magiks that Jakan created. No, Jakan and Fayette loved each other and the race they created came from them. Their own flesh and blood. The Humans called them the Fae or the tiny little fairies for tiny they were. As beautiful and dainty as their mother and as cheeky as their father. The fairies loved playing tricks on the humans and any other creature they could. Leading many astray into the forests to get lost. Hiding objects and spoiling food. They caused all sort of mischief and had a lot of fun.

The Fae, they were created by the daughter of the Woodland and Beauty and the God of Mischief. Very fitting for they were their parents all mixed into one.


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