Salt Sisters · Short Salt Stories

Daughter of the Woodland and Beauty

Aleena the Goddess of Beauty had but one flaw; she could not conceive. She dreamed of having a family, of raising her own children. The thought of not having one made her so upset. It broke her heart. She used her powers to make others beautiful though. If she couldn’t have beautiful babies than she could make others beautiful and see herself reflected in them.

Aleena’s beauty captivated Cully though, The God of the Woods. He hated to see her upset so he made her dream of a family real. He could create life like his trees, why not create a child? He focused his power into creating the perfect daughter for Aleena. He created her using the golden wood from the most beautiful tree. He gave her dark vines for long curls, and a flower dress. Her eyes were made of dew drops that reflected the green of the wood, her lips of red rose petals.

Cully presented the little daughter to Aleena who cried with joy. Cully told her the daughter was hers. Hers to raise. Hers to love. Hers to have. The Goddess of Beauty asked Cully what she owed him. To which he replied nothing. Her happiness was payment enough for the God of the Woodland. Aleena had one more wish to ask of Cully though. She wished for a family and for a family, her daughter needed a father. Cully was only too happy to oblige.

Aleena bent down and kissed her daughter on her wooden forehead. Cully watched with amazement as the little daughter he created changed right before his eyes. Her golden wood turned to sun kissed skin, the dark vines into thick dark curls, her dew eyes into a green like the leaves, her rose petals lips into deep red lips. Only her flower dress stayed the same. The stray vines and stems of the flowers grew and twisted together to form wings behind the little daughter’s back.

They named their daughter Fayette. Aleena blessed her to be most beautiful child in the world and although every parent will claim their child is the most beautiful none can rival that of the beauty of Fayette, the daughter of Cully and Aleena, the daughter of the woodland and beauty, their most precious creation.


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