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A Whole New Universe

I love Aladdin. It’s my favourite Disney movie. And I love Doctor Who. A while ago i was thinking about how much i love both of them when I realised something; Aladdin and Doctor Who are kinda similar. Now don’t roll you eyes, just listen. First “date” (so to say) for Aladdin and Jasmine: he saves her life. First “date” for the Doctor and most of his companions: he saves their lives (an the whole planet usually). Second date for A&J: he takes her on a magical ride where he shows her all the wonders of the world.  Second date for D&C: he takes them on a magical trip and shows them the wonders of all time and space.

So, later that day, when I was listening to A Whole New World, I was thinking about this and my mind decided to edit the words of the song to fit Doctor Who. And so here they are.

(The Doctor)

I can show you the world

Show you the whole universe

Tell me human, when did you get an offer that brilliant?


I can take you through space

Take you through time with my

Time and relative dimension in space AKA TARDIS


I’m the Doctor

A Mad man with a blue box

No one to tell me no

Or where to go

Cause the laws of time are mine



A whole new world

The tradis is bigger on the inside

Oh Wait, you’re an Alien?!

No, I can’t believe

That now I’m on a whole new world with you

(The Doctor)

Now you’re on a whole new world with me



I’m running for my life

From the Vashta Nerada

Darleks, Cybermen, Sontaran

And even a werewolf.


A Whole new world

(The Doctor)

Alons-y Alonso


­­­Use your sonic screwdriver!

(The Doctor)

If you blink – you’re dead.


One may tolerate

A world of

Demons for the sake

Of an angel


(The Doctor)

I’m a timelord


Hey there sweetie

(The Doctor)

I’m from the planet Gallifrey


Rory just died again



(The Master)

End of the universe,

Have fun bye bye


Let me share this universe with you


(The Doctor)

I need some one


I can’t go back

(The Doctor)

I’m so lonely


It’s too boring

(The Doctor)

I need a mate


I’ll stay with you





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