Salt Sisters · Short Salt Stories

Jakan; Father of the Magiks

Mischief ran through Jakan’s veins like blood. That cheeky smile. The mischievous glint in his eyes. There wasn’t anything he did that wasn’t cheeky in some way. So it was no surprise to anyone when Jakan created the devious Magiks.

He stole life from Cully and bewitching beauty from Aleena. He stretched time from Horatio and meddled with fate from Deston. He mixed them together with his cheeky nerve and created his Magiks. His mischievous smirk spread across his faces as his witches and warlocks awoke, ready to cause havoc to the humans. A new race was born.

Fortunately, not a flawless race. Jakan stole prolonged life from Cully; the life he gave to the great trees. But that was all. The Magiks were devilishly beautiful but, just like Aleena, they could not conceive. They were cunning and could bend time and fate to their design, to name a few things within their power. But their power would go to their heads and they need their forests to have that power. By stealing life used for the great trees, Jakan cursed his children to rely on those great trees of the forests. Most Magiks prefer the great trees of the magical Eldorei Forest but there are some who like to live closer to the humans. There are some who still like to meddle with human lives as often as they can.

Beware the forests for devious Magiks live there.


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