Salt Sisters · Short Salt Stories

The Lake’s Child

This is an Alalithian Legend. Having said that, it is also a story set in the future of Alalithia. The Salt Sisters is set in 1460 where as this legend is set in 1500’s. It is the back story of another story I am planning on writing. That story is set in 1600’s, when a revolution is about to start in Alalithia. This is the legend that fuels the fire of the revolution. So, here it is; The Lake’s Child.

It was the year fifteen-hundred-and-twenty-eight, the final year of the Scarlet Overthrow. Most of the blood-rulers were dead, massacred by the water-rulers. They were all on the run. Even the king and his queen were on the run.

Watson Knobble’s army had reached Farvell and had the castle under siege. King James the second had plans to slip away in the night with Queen Amelia and their precious little daughter. She was but one year old the night they escaped from their home. They managed to pass the mountains before Watson realised that the king was no longer in his castle. James’ body hadn’t been found when Farvell had been completely overrun.

Watson pursued them. He knew exactly where they would be heading; Lake Adair. The King and Queen had the hope of saving their daughter from the brutal Watson Knobble by using the lake. Watson set up camps around the north of the Eldorei Forest to stop the king and queen reaching Lake Adair. That was where the king was murdered. James, Amelia and their daughter were nearing the Eldorei Forest when a patrol spotted them.

They ran. James drew his sword as the patrol neared. He stayed back to fight and protect his wife and child as they ran into the forest. King James was a good fighter but not good enough to defeat the whole patrol.

But he could give his family time.

He gave his life giving them time.

Time to run through the magical forest.

The forest did its best to help the queen and tiny princess. They managed to hike over the mountains and reach Lake Adair before being overrun by the army. It was in the waters of the lake that Amelia gave her life saving her daughter’s. Because Lake Adair was not just any lake. James and Amelia had the hope that those taken by the lake lived elsewhere like those who turned up in the lake lived in Alalithia.

Amelia walked into the lake holding her daughter when she saw the army.  They strung their bows and awaited orders as the water in the lake started to whirl around her feet. The whirl pool grew as did the smile on the queen’s face. She kissed her little girl before lowering her into whirl pool. Within seconds the whirl pool and the princess were gone. The queen turned around and faced the outraged Watson.

“Even though you sent her away, the Scarlet bloodline is dead,” Watson said.

“Is that what you think? There will always be someone with Scarlet blood in Alalithia. They have been around for over six hundred years. Plenty of bloodlines there. Are you sure you have killed them all?” the queen said defiantly.

“The throne is mine,”

“For how long?”

“How can you be so smug when you’ve lost everything? The lake didn’t save you. It left you here to be tortured. This false bravo will do you no good,”

“Oh, you are so very wrong. The lake saved my daughter. There is nothing more you can do to hurt me. I know my daughter is out of your reach. I will go to my grave a happy woman. And all your talk about torture, how will you torture me? Your men are too afraid of the lake to capture me. No it is not I who has lost everything. You wanted to torture the rightful King and Queen of Alalithia and steal our throne, make us watch as you rule our kingdom but you shall not have that luxury. Your soldiers saw to it that James died and now, now you cannot even make me watch you rule. No, I have gained everything knowing my daughter will live and you, you have gained nothing,”

“I have gained the throne. All of Alalithia is mine,” Watson spat back at the queen.

“But her people are not. They might not rise up against you today, tomorrow or next year but the people of Alalithia will not stand to have your filthy blood sitting upon our throne forever. Hold onto your throne while you can because you never know, my child might return to take it back,” Amelia looked back to the spot where her daughter disappeared as she spoke. When she turned around again she saw the arrow. She did not try to flee or dodge the arrow. She simply closed her eyes and whispered “I’ll follow you James,”

Queen Amelia’s blood spilled into the Lake as her body floated on its surface. And thus the reign of the blood rulers’ ended and the water rulers’ reign began.  One of King Watson’s first acts was to form a patrol around the lake, waiting for the princess’ return, while his elite warriors started hunting down anyone with Scarlet blood running through their veins. Blood hunters they were called, and rightfully so.

To this day the Patrol and Blood-Hunters still lurk around the Lake and Alalithia.

Still doing the bidding of the deranged water rulers’.

To this day, as Queen Amelia said, the Knobble’s have not won the hearts of the people.

They have not seceded in killing the bloodline.

A Scarlet descendant still lives in Alalithia and Sarah Scarlet may yet return to take her throne back and avenge her parents’ deaths.



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