Salt Sisters · Short Salt Stories

The Icy Lake

This is a short story that doesn’t have much to do with the actually story line. It’s has the three sisters when their younger, playing near Dove Lake.

“You will never enter my tower and rescue the fair Lady Maia for there is no door.” Willow cackled loudly. “No door for you to reach your beautiful princess by. What shall you do now, Lucas?”

“I shall climb the tower as if I were walking up a ladder. And it is Sir Lucas to you, you ugly old hag!” replied the knight as he took a step towards the witch and her tall, dark tower. He looked up to the highest window and saw the beautiful Lady Maia looking down at him. Her brown hair, flowing down from her golden crown, and the white ribbon she wore in it were being blown around in the frosty wind.

“Why do I always have to be the ugly one? I don’t like being ugly. Does Willow always have to be ugly?” Ella asked. She was standing next to the frozen Dove Lake wearing a black dress two sizes too big for her. A white ribbon was just visible under a big black witch’s hat.

“Willow is a witch and witches are ugly. So naturally Willow has to be ugly. She’s not a beautiful princess like Lady Maia.” Lydia called down from the nearby tree. She was standing on a little shelf of wood wearing a long green dress that was too long for her, and a yellow, paper crown. The tree was completely bear of all leaves and was covered in snow instead.

“Can’t I be Lady Maia? I want to be Lady Maia for once.”  Ella kicked a nearby pile of snow they had pushed away to clear the ground for their game and sighed.

“But Lady Maia is Lydia’s character. I’m Sir Lucas and you’re Willow the Witch. That’s how it always is. Maybe next time we can swap or make a new game?” Lilith suggested. She was wearing leggings and a tunic which was tied to her by a belt, with a wooden sword attached. The tunic was far too big for her too. Her hair was tied back by a white ribbon into a pony tail.

“I am not going play a witch!” Lydia said from her tree.

“Then you’ll be the knight and I’ll be the witch,” Lilith tried to bargain.

“No way am I being a boy! Anyway, this dress only fits me.”

“Father made them big enough to fit everyone. Lydia, please let me be the princess?” Ella asked again.

“Maybe next game but not now; we’ve already started this one. Please, let’s continue. Where were we? Ah yes; Sir Lucas, Please save me from my evil guard.” Lady Maia called down to her knight from her tower window.

“I will slay the witch myself if I must. I will save you, my princess.” Lucas yelled to her as he ran towards Willow.

“You won’t need to slay me, you’ll need to slay my dragon if you wish to enter the tower” the witch cackled. She twisted her hands in strange motions and then, in a cloud of smoke, a giant red dragon appeared between Sir Lucas and his lovely lady. Willow cackled extremely loudly as she saw the horror flash across the knight’s face.

“If I slay the dragon I can enter the tower? How hard can this be?” Lucas said.

“Not so fast young knight. If you slay the dragon you are only one step closer to Maia,” Willow smiled wickedly.

“A step closer is better than a step further away” He said as he drew his sword and charged towards the dragon.

“Be careful my dear knight,” Lady Maia called from her tower. From where she was standing, the dragon looked a million times bigger than Sir Lucas. The witch was laughing at the pathetic sight; Lucas didn’t stand a chance. “Watch out for its tail!” Maia called out. Lucas turned around and, in one swift motion, chopped the tail off before it could hit him. The dragon let out a scream of pain. So did Willow.

“How dare you hurt my baby!” she yelled.

“How dare you steal and hideaway the most beautiful lady in all the land!” he yelled back.

“You’ll be a pile of ashes when my baby is done with you. He’s just playing with his food right now.”

“And I’m just playing with your mind,” Lucas replied.

“What does that even mean?” Lydia asked.

“I don’t know. I heard father say it once to Tom the blacksmith; ‘you’re just playing with my mind, Tim isn’t nine already.’ That’s what he said. But Tim is nine,” Lilith said once she stopped hitting the rock shaped like a dragon.

“Oh okay then,”

“Can we start playing again?” Ella asked. She was now standing on the frozen lake.

“Sorry, okay where were we? Oh yes; I’m just playing with your mind!” Lucas yelled at the evil ugly creature behind the huge dragon.

“Burn him, my little angel, burn him!” Willow told her dragon.  The dragon breathed fire in Lucas’s direction but he dogged it. He was now standing behind the dragon. He raised his sword high above his head and brought it down into the dragon’s back. The witch screamed and the dragon disappeared.

“What else do you have that can stop me now?” Lucas asked the witch.

“You’ll never defeat me but you must to be with your sweet, darling Maia.”

“Then I will kill you like I killed your dragon!” he said running towards her.

“No, Sir Lucas, she’s too powerful. Just climb the tower now. You’re closer to it than her.” Maia called out. It was true. The tower was only a few steps away. Lucas turned and ran towards the tower. When he reached it he started climbing up it as if it was nothing more than a wooden ladder. Willow screamed with rage and started to run towards the knight who was climbing towards the imprisoned princess. Then…CRACK!

Ella screamed with fright as she disappeared under the ice.  Her scream was cut short as her mouth filled with water. Her head bobbed above the icy water and she yelled out for Lilith to help her but she fell under the water again. The next time she surfaced she tried to grab the edge of the ice but it kept slipping out form her grip. A third time she surfaced and she yelled for Lilith again. She heard running footsteps on the ice and heard Lilith’s voice calling out to Lydia.

“Go get Father Lydia, quick! Ella, I’m coming!” Ella fell under again. It was getting harder and harder to surface and easier to sink. Ella managed to get her head above the water once more. This time someone grabbed the back of her dress and tried to pull her up. Ella looked up and saw Lilith. She could feel her dress slipping out of Lilith’s grip so Ella threw her hands towards her sister. Lilith let go of the dress and grabbed Ella’s hands just as Ella’s head went under. Lilith pulled as strongly as she could and managed to get Ella’s head above the water again.

“Stay with me Ella. Ella, don’t go under again please. Somebody help us! Anybody!” Lilith yelled out into the silence. “Ella. Ella, no!” Ella’s hands were slowly slipping out of Lilith’s. Lilith reached for the sleeves of her dress. Maybe they would be easier to hold on to. Lilith tried to look around but couldn’t see anything through her tears. Ella was slipping into the water again, this time she was dragging Lilith down with her. She heard footsteps in the distance. They seemed to be running towards them.

“Father, is that you? Help me!”

“Yes Lilith, it’s me. I’m coming. Don’t let go of her!” He reached them and grabbed hold of Ella and quite easily, as if she weighed nothing, pulled her out. Ella was shivering. He took off his coat and wrapped it around his daughter and held her close.

“You three will not be playing near the lake again,” their father told them. Ella opened her eyes and saw Lilith’s tear-stained face. Ella tried to smile but it was a weak smile.

“The knight saved the witch this time,” she said.

“No,” Lilith shook her head, “This time the knight saved the fair Lady Willow.”


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